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10 June @ Camden Art Centre

This Wednesday we'll be launching our first set of films as part of our collaboration with Camden Art Centre's Public Knowledge programme! Each week over the next month we'll be releasing three films on a theme: this Wednesday's will be 'Labour, reproduction, repetition' with films by Sam Lanchin, Katerina Mimikou and Rehana Zaman ✨✨✨ Head to Camden Art Centre's website on Wednesday for some at home F(r)ictions -- and invite your friends!

June 17 our theme is 'Motion and time' with Joanne Lee, Nicky Chue and Florence Low, April Lin and Summer M.

June 24 our theme is 'Psychogeographies and Poetics' with Morisha Moodley, Anuka Ramischwili-Schäfer and Edmund Hardy.

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9 December, 2019 @ DIY Space

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24 September, 2019 

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